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Burning up

The book i have just started reading is about this girl named Macey who lives in her hometown, conneticut. Macey is suppose to do a research paper and she decides to write about this barn that was burned down in 1959 wich is across the street from her grandparents. But the thing is is when she asks her relatives who lived long enough to remember what happened to the barn and the story behind it, no one wants to answer the questions she asks them.  But when one of her friends becomes the victim of the city they live in, something inside of macey clicks. She starts to think twice about people in that town and she has to discover her own true colors and face the truth about that barn that burned down.

The Maze Runner

Thomas is trying to do his part in the group so he goes out in the woods to collect soil for the plants they grow. Suddenly he walks upon skeleton bones from people that have died in the tribe and he starts to worry about it. But all of a sudden there's a person who is a runner that is standing behind him acting all strange by having a different color of tone to his skin and he looks possessed because he was "stung" by a greiver, the creatures inside the maze that kills people who are in the maze after a certain time of day. He looks at Thomas and says "it was you! your the reason why where here!" and he charges at Thomas and tackles him and he's about to kill Thomas until Thomas grabs a skull and hits it across his head. Thomas is trying to run away while the other guy is chasing him. Thomas is yelling for help and everyone hears and see's them running through the woods and everybody goes and help Thomas out by knocking the other guy out. Later on Ben, the one who was chasing Thomas, is sent out into the maze to survive by themselves otherwise other members of the group would be harmed. 

The Maze Runner

In this book there is this arena where certain people are taken and put in for an experiment doe this thing called W.I.C.K.D. The main character,Thomas, is riding the elevator to the arena because he's one of them now. While he arrives he freaks out because he doesn't remember anything like his name, where he's from, etc. and he gets out of the elevator and takes off running falls flat on his face and everybody starts laughing at him. The leader of the group of kids named Alby talks to Thomas and explains everything about the arena which is actually a maze in which they have to escape. He shows him around and introduces him to the certain groups of the people in the maze. There's the runners,who run the maze when the walls open and maps and memorizes the maze so they can escape, then there's the farmers, who grow and manage the food supplies, and finally there's the construction people who build forts and places to sleep along with weapons. Thomas is very curious about whats behind the wall so he keeps his eye out. Maybe he will become a "runner".

The Eye of Minds

I just started reading this book so there's really not much i can tell here except that there is this game called VirtNet where u can live in a game and if u die in the game you come back alive as yourself but the bad thing about the game is that you feel every inch of pain that leads toward your death. Michael is one of the kids who play's the game because only rich people can afford this type of technology. It ends up where when he is playing the game, he interacts with a girl trying to kill herself by jumping off a bridge. The girl whose playing this game is really smart because she's the only one who knows how to take out the chip that's installed in her body in order to play the game. So Micheal is trying to convince herself not to kill herself because if she does, then she will never come back because the chip is the only thing that keeps you alive. well she starts to cut open her arm and she finds the chip and rips it out and by the time Michael has a hold of her so she doesn't fall but she lets go of her grip and they both go down crashing to the ground. But Michael obviously comes back to life while the girl is dead and never coming back.

Payback Time

In this book there is a kid named Mitch who is a school reporter in Seattle who reports in sports. His dream is to be a famous reporter when he grows up. But to achieve this goal,he has to catch the biggest story of all. There's this guy named Michael and he plays middle line backer on the football team, but the weirdest thing is that he is probably the best on the football team but the coach benches him most of the time until the actually need him. That's when a girl named Kimi comes along and Mitch and Kimi become partners in the reporting progress. Kimi takes the pictures and Mitch writes the story. Kimi and Mitch try to find out the real reason why the coach keeps Michael on the  bench most of the game. Kimi and Mitch are doing all these researches on Michael to see who he truly is but all his records are destroyed because it turns out that there are people at Michael's school who want to kill him because the people who wanted to kill him were gang members and Michael was a witness of one of there killings. So Kimi and Mitch are finding all these things out about Michael and his past. The schools football team end up going to the championship and it turns out that the gang members are there waiting for Michael to get out of the locker room after they get done celebrating their win. But before anything happens Mitch crawls under the gang members car and slashed their tire so that they would be able to go far in they killed Michael.The gang members never get a hold of Michael and he gets sent off to some college with a football scholarship. But when he does go to that college he has to change his name so that they cant trace him again.

Divergent #1

I am starting to read the book called Divergent. So far what has happened in this book is that the main character,Beatrice, and her brother Caleb go off into this room to have a test done to them to see which district they belong to. Caleb ends up picking the Erudite district which means that he is leaving his family. Beatrice ends up picking the Dauntless district so now the whole family is separated except their parents. Beatrice ends up getting on the train to go to her district but the thing is is that they have to jump off the train to get to the place they are suppose to be. Everyone makes it except for this one girl who misses the ledge and falls to her death. Everyone in the Dauntless district doesn't really like Beatrice because she's from a district whom no one likes. A guy named "four" ends up coming to were they are on top of the roof and tells all the new members the rules and guide lines. When that is over he tells the members to jump off the roof to see which one of them is the bravest. None of the members no whats below the roof because it's covered in fog. No one volunteers so Beatrice ends up volunteering. When she jumps off, she ends up landing in some type of fish net where the village is. and that's when people start liking her because she was the bravest one out of the group. Everyone asks her what her name is so she decides to have a total different life in that district so she changes her name to Tris. Then when everyone else jumps off they go to the headquarters and have a tour around the place they stay at.


I finished up reading up the book called "Holes" and when Stanley goes off to the camp, he hardley talks and nobody really talks to him but when Stanley goes to dig his first hole it was the hardest for him and he finishes up as the last one done and he has major blisters on his hand. After he's done digging he goes into this wreck room type thing and while he wasn't paying attention he trips over the mean looking dudes leg and the big guy gets up and pushes Stanley. All of the kids from Stanley's group goes over and tries to protect Stanley and that's when he gets the nickname "caveman". While Stanley reads his letters he got from his mom Zero stands behind him and Stanley doesn't like it because he doesn't like it when people read over his shoulder. But no worries Zero can't read. So Stanley and Zero make a deal were if Zero digs part of Stanley's hole everyday,Stanley could teach Zero how to read since Stanley won't be so tired. But that only goes so far. When other people start figuring out Zero is digging part of Stanley's hole, they start to disown Stanley. When the counselor comes down to refill the kid's canteens and give them stuff to eat, a kid named zigzag starts stuff with Stanley. Stanley and Zigzag get into a fight and Zero comes up and jumps on Zigzag and starts to choke him to protect Stanley. When they get broken up the warden comes down to see what went on. Zigzag and his crew tell her what all happened and how Zero is digging some of Stanley's hole. the counselor and her talk to Zero about how it's a waste of time teaching Zero because he is dumb. The counselor says letters for Zero to see if he can spell it. Zero is irritated by this, so when the counselor spells out d-i-g, Zero takes his shovel and wacks it against the counselors head and Zero gets over him and says "dig" and he takes off running away. The next day when one of the other counselors comes and delivers water, Stanley steals the truck and tries to drive it to Zero. But he ends up driving it into a hole so Stanley takes off running away to catch Zero. They eventually end up meeting up with eachother while Zero was under a boat. They see this mountain that looks like the shape of a thumb so they march up the mountain and Zero faints and Stanley carries him up the hill while singing the song his great great grandfather was suppose to sing to Madam Zeroni. When they get up to the top they find water and onions. They stay up there for a couple of days and hed back to camp secretly because Stanley knows were possibly the treasure could be. At night when they sneak back into camp and get to their hole they start digging and while digging they here a "thump" and they dig up around that area. What they found was the treasure. But the warden and the counselors catch them but while they get out if the hole and the warden tries to take the treasure away from them because she thinks it's hers, Zero yells "it has Stanleys name on it!" and it sure does right on the side so when Stanley's attorney comes for him to take him home because he was proved innocent, he tells her he's not leaving without Hector (Zero) so his attorney asks for Hectors files and they don' have any of them because they destroyed them. So Hector and Stanley get to go home happy. But before they do it starts to rain again at the camp because Stanley broke the hidden curse. When they leave the camp, they become neighbors.

Holes #2

In my book The character Stanley Yelnats is walking home from school and he ends up at the wrong spot at the wrong time because because anything happens to him there is this kid named Zero who's mom abandoned him so he is on his own. Well he ends up going to this shelter for the homeless and he see's these sneakers that were worn by this famous baseball player Clyde Livingston. He ends up taking them because he needs shoes and he doesn't think that there special shoes that were to be auctioned off. Zero is walking on this bridge and the next thing he knows is that there is cop sirens going off and they are heading his way. He gets scared so he takes off the shoes and throws them off the bridge and that's when Stanley ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. The shoes come down and hit him in the head. Stanley knows who's shoes they are because there is big red x's in the back of the shoe and he is a major Clyde Livingston fan. The cops end up catching Stanley with the shoes so he is ordered to go to court. The only reason the police think he is guilty is because in Stanley's room, there is posters of Clyde hanging on his wall. The court orders Stanley to either go to Camp Green Lake, or Jail and Stanley says "well I've never been to a camp before?" so he ends up going to the camp.

Holes #1

I have just recently started this book so there's really nothing i can tell you at this moment except that there's this kid named Stanley Yelnats who's family lives in this apartment and that his dad is trying to find a cure for making stinky shoes smell good. He's trying all sorts of things but nothing has worked out for him just quite yet.

Don't Turn Around #3

I finished the book finally, but how it ended was really crazy! TO begin with Peter and Noa are together trying to find out all about this project people have been trying to do called PERSOPHONE. People who are interacted in the project are taking kids off the street because they think nobody cares about them anymore. So, Peter and Noa drive to this warehouse out in New Jersey. When they arrive, Peter leaves the keys in the car just in case something bad happens where they can just run back to the car, jump in and go. They jump over the fence and see that these two guys were on a crab boat and the two people in the crab boat go inside because its to cold by the rain. When they are in the warehouse, Noa goes into that same boat they were in and see these two coolers that have blood on the top of the lids. So she opes them and see's plastic wrapping in them. She starts to unwrap them and she finds a human foot and when she see's it she drops it because of the shock she got and the foot made a loud thump sound because it was frozen. So when they take off to the car, they get in and it turns out the keys are gone. Someone comes up to the window and dangles the keys in the passenger window and say's "needing these?" and it turns out it that the person who took the keys were sombody who is on Mason's team who are trying to capture those two. So the bad guy gets in the backseat and tells Peter to drive to this warehouse. When they arrive there, they both go inside and Dru (the bad guy) is talking to them in this room. All of a sudden the lights bust out and Noa and Peter get away. Then all of a sudden molitovs are being thrown. Noa and Peter are split and they never see eachother again, But they do still email eachother.

Don't Turn Around #2

On my last post i told you how Mason doesn't do something without a reason. Well after that Peter's parents were really mad at him and his parents start to fight with each other. His dad is getting really furious about how Peter's mom spoils Peter by getting him whatever he wants and stuff like that and how Peter just goes behind their back and doesn't do what he is told. So his dad is just going off and he finally says "your other son wouldn't have acted like this" but the thing is is that Peter's brother died because of PEMA. So his mom gets really sad and the whole room just gets quiet. But once Peter hears that he gets really hurt inside and he goes up to his room, packs some of his stuff, and runs away by sneaking out of his bedroom window. He ends up going to his girlfriends, Amanda, dorm in the college, it ends up that she isn't there in her room yet but eventually she comes. But when she comes shes's walking with another guy named Dru. When Peter see's that, he gets mad and he questions Amanda about her and him when Dru leaves and they end up going into her room. Peter is trying to see if she was cheating on him but she always refuses and say's they are just friends. Peter ends up staying the night with Amanda because he has no where else to sleep, but the thing is is that he can't sleep. Peter randomly asks Amanda if they are still dating and Amanda hears his question but doesn't reply so Peter gets up, packs his stuff, and says "i loved you Amanda!" and she replies "I loved..." and Peter interrupts her and says "don't....just don't" then he leaves the dorm.

Don't Turn Around

The book I am presently reading is called Don't Turn Around  by Michelle Gagnon. So far there are these two kids named Peter and Noa. They are both about the age of six-teen and the book starts off on how Noa wakes up in this abandoned boat warehouse on an operating table. When she wakes up she has no clue what has happened because she doesn't remember anything except walking on the sidewalk. Well when she wakes up she hears voices of doctors talking to each other in another room about how the head guy of the operation is gonna like what they found out. Noa tries to break out and when she does she's being chased by the doctors and there making up lies about how she was in a severe accident so she would stop running. Well when she is being chased, she runs out of the warehouse and she cute the bottom of her foot with glass but its not a severe gash and while the pain of her foot is slowing her down, her chest starts to hurt from where they cut her open. so she eventually outruns the doctors and she hides in a boat where they cant find her.So she finds a radio in the boat that works and she calls the fire department and tells them that there is a "fire" at this warehouse, which there isn't. So when the fire department shows up they check out the building so that's when Noa thinks she has a perfect time to escape, she climbs aboard the fire truck and when the fire crew is done checking, they take off with Noa on the truck. Now onto peter. Peter is a rich kid who is a geek with computers by hacking  and is dating this girl named Amanda and his parents are into this project where know one can know about it. Well Peters parents take off and leave him at home all alone. So peter decides to go into his dads office and dig through his desk. peter first finds a bottle of whiskey that he ends up drinking. Later on he see's this folder that reads " PROJECT PERSOPHONE" and he starts to look up more about him and he tries to hack into the system. But the next thing he knows is that his door breaks down with a whole bunch of guys dressed in black. And then Peter gets thrown onto the ground with a knee in the back of his head and a guy named Mason takes his laptop and he tells Peter to let his parents know he stopped by. So now Peter is ticked and he calls his parents and he tells them what has happened and they are shocked and Peter asks "who is this guy anyways?" and his dad replies " don't woory about that right now. But what did u do because Mason doesn't do something unless he has a reason" and that's as far as i got

Burning Up #3

Well after my last blog, lots of things have changed that was going on in my book from then til now. To start off Macey and Austin are still having love connections with each other but the thing is is that Austin is having family issues with his parents having a type of divorce but it hasn't been settled yet. Macey on the other hand has kinda the same issue with her parents. Macey and Austin find someone who has pictures of the fire who put Mr. Wibley on the streets because people were racist back then. When they go meet the people with the pictures they were astonished by how everyone stood around and watch the fire go up in flames like nothing bad was happening. Sooner or later Austin got tired of missing his family so he gets a hold of his dad and he tells him that he wants to go back home. But instead Austin's Dad comes down to visit him and Austin tells Macey that he doesn't want to be involved with finding out who started the fire and he also tells Macey that he is going back home. So macey is heart broken because she doesn't want him to go home So now macey is stuck doing the research all by herself. But before anything happens she calls her mom who lives out of Conneticut that she needs her now. So Macey's parents go to her right away and they meet Macey at her Grandparents. When they get all settled Macey shows and her parents the pictures of the barn burning down and she questions them about it and they still try to change the subject when she asks but Macey won't let that happen again. Macey finally gets through her parents about telling the truth about what happened and they told her that they did nothing besides going back inside after seeing what was happening. Macey is upset with her parents that they didnt do anything, so Macey goes to the school library the next day and looks up phone numbers and right before the library closes, she finds the right number to call so she goes and finds a telephone in the school since they have at least six phones in the school. Well when shes done dialing the number and when someone on they other end says "hello?" she replies "is this Mr.Sibley" and then he replies "yes, this is him". So finally after all her hard work she finds the person she's been looking for.

Burning Up #2

So far after my last book log, Macey and Austin are still going around finding people who know about the fire in 1959. But instead of being turned down all the time their actually finding people who will actually tell them information about it. So their getting all excited especially Macey. Macey use to be a girl who use to love and care about the community, but after what some accidents happened such as the church starting on fire when they were painting, Macey became a person who just doesn't care about really anything except important things/people and she also doesn't care what people think of her. But on the other hand Austin is someone who just does his thing and when Macey asks him to do something, he just ends up doing anything she does because he's having a "special" connection with Macey so he loves to be around her. But overall those two kids are not gonna give up until they find out the true story about why the barn caught on fire.

Burning up

My book that I'm reading is about this girl named Macey and she lives in this town in Connecticut. Well this boy named Austin moves in and she starts to like him in a crushing way. Well anyways she has to do this research paper in her history class so she decides to write about this barn that burned down in 1959 involving the first black guy who taught in the town back then, Mr.weebly, who lives in there. She goes around asking questions to people who lived long enough to witness the fire but none of them wants to answer the questions so she wonders if their trying to hide something. While she is so uptight with her history project one of her friends gets killed by a gang fight by a gun shot. So she has to learn her true colors in order to get along with people in the city. But she continues to learn more about the barn fire and the true story behind it.