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Burning up

The book i have just started reading is about this girl named Macey who lives in her hometown, conneticut. Macey is suppose to do a research paper and she decides to write about this barn that was burned down in 1959 wich is across the street from her grandparents. But the thing is is when she asks her relatives who lived long enough to remember what happened to the barn and the story behind it, no one wants to answer the questions she asks them.  But when one of her friends becomes the victim of the city they live in, something inside of macey clicks. She starts to think twice about people in that town and she has to discover her own true colors and face the truth about that barn that burned down.

Don't Turn Around #2

On my last post i told you how Mason doesn't do something without a reason. Well after that Peter's parents were really mad at him and his parents start to fight with each other. His dad is getting really furious about how Peter's mom spoils Peter by getting him whatever he wants and stuff like that and how Peter just goes behind their back and doesn't do what he is told. So his dad is just going off and he finally says "your other son wouldn't have acted like this" but the thing is is that Peter's brother died because of PEMA. So his mom gets really sad and the whole room just gets quiet. But once Peter hears that he gets really hurt inside and he goes up to his room, packs some of his stuff, and runs away by sneaking out of his bedroom window. He ends up going to his girlfriends, Amanda, dorm in the college, it ends up that she isn't there in her room yet but eventually she comes. But when she comes shes's walking with another guy named Dru. When Peter see's that, he gets mad and he questions Amanda about her and him when Dru leaves and they end up going into her room. Peter is trying to see if she was cheating on him but she always refuses and say's they are just friends. Peter ends up staying the night with Amanda because he has no where else to sleep, but the thing is is that he can't sleep. Peter randomly asks Amanda if they are still dating and Amanda hears his question but doesn't reply so Peter gets up, packs his stuff, and says "i loved you Amanda!" and she replies "I loved..." and Peter interrupts her and says "don't....just don't" then he leaves the dorm.