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Burning up

The book i have just started reading is about this girl named Macey who lives in her hometown, conneticut. Macey is suppose to do a research paper and she decides to write about this barn that was burned down in 1959 wich is across the street from her grandparents. But the thing is is when she asks her relatives who lived long enough to remember what happened to the barn and the story behind it, no one wants to answer the questions she asks them.  But when one of her friends becomes the victim of the city they live in, something inside of macey clicks. She starts to think twice about people in that town and she has to discover her own true colors and face the truth about that barn that burned down.

Don't Turn Around #3

I finished the book finally, but how it ended was really crazy! TO begin with Peter and Noa are together trying to find out all about this project people have been trying to do called PERSOPHONE. People who are interacted in the project are taking kids off the street because they think nobody cares about them anymore. So, Peter and Noa drive to this warehouse out in New Jersey. When they arrive, Peter leaves the keys in the car just in case something bad happens where they can just run back to the car, jump in and go. They jump over the fence and see that these two guys were on a crab boat and the two people in the crab boat go inside because its to cold by the rain. When they are in the warehouse, Noa goes into that same boat they were in and see these two coolers that have blood on the top of the lids. So she opes them and see's plastic wrapping in them. She starts to unwrap them and she finds a human foot and when she see's it she drops it because of the shock she got and the foot made a loud thump sound because it was frozen. So when they take off to the car, they get in and it turns out the keys are gone. Someone comes up to the window and dangles the keys in the passenger window and say's "needing these?" and it turns out it that the person who took the keys were sombody who is on Mason's team who are trying to capture those two. So the bad guy gets in the backseat and tells Peter to drive to this warehouse. When they arrive there, they both go inside and Dru (the bad guy) is talking to them in this room. All of a sudden the lights bust out and Noa and Peter get away. Then all of a sudden molitovs are being thrown. Noa and Peter are split and they never see eachother again, But they do still email eachother.