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Burning up

The book i have just started reading is about this girl named Macey who lives in her hometown, conneticut. Macey is suppose to do a research paper and she decides to write about this barn that was burned down in 1959 wich is across the street from her grandparents. But the thing is is when she asks her relatives who lived long enough to remember what happened to the barn and the story behind it, no one wants to answer the questions she asks them.  But when one of her friends becomes the victim of the city they live in, something inside of macey clicks. She starts to think twice about people in that town and she has to discover her own true colors and face the truth about that barn that burned down.

The Eye of Minds

I just started reading this book so there's really not much i can tell here except that there is this game called VirtNet where u can live in a game and if u die in the game you come back alive as yourself but the bad thing about the game is that you feel every inch of pain that leads toward your death. Michael is one of the kids who play's the game because only rich people can afford this type of technology. It ends up where when he is playing the game, he interacts with a girl trying to kill herself by jumping off a bridge. The girl whose playing this game is really smart because she's the only one who knows how to take out the chip that's installed in her body in order to play the game. So Micheal is trying to convince herself not to kill herself because if she does, then she will never come back because the chip is the only thing that keeps you alive. well she starts to cut open her arm and she finds the chip and rips it out and by the time Michael has a hold of her so she doesn't fall but she lets go of her grip and they both go down crashing to the ground. But Michael obviously comes back to life while the girl is dead and never coming back.