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Burning up

The book i have just started reading is about this girl named Macey who lives in her hometown, conneticut. Macey is suppose to do a research paper and she decides to write about this barn that was burned down in 1959 wich is across the street from her grandparents. But the thing is is when she asks her relatives who lived long enough to remember what happened to the barn and the story behind it, no one wants to answer the questions she asks them.  But when one of her friends becomes the victim of the city they live in, something inside of macey clicks. She starts to think twice about people in that town and she has to discover her own true colors and face the truth about that barn that burned down.

Burning Up #2

So far after my last book log, Macey and Austin are still going around finding people who know about the fire in 1959. But instead of being turned down all the time their actually finding people who will actually tell them information about it. So their getting all excited especially Macey. Macey use to be a girl who use to love and care about the community, but after what some accidents happened such as the church starting on fire when they were painting, Macey became a person who just doesn't care about really anything except important things/people and she also doesn't care what people think of her. But on the other hand Austin is someone who just does his thing and when Macey asks him to do something, he just ends up doing anything she does because he's having a "special" connection with Macey so he loves to be around her. But overall those two kids are not gonna give up until they find out the true story about why the barn caught on fire.